14 Tips for Winter Moving in Wisconsin

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Believe it or not, winter is here early and if you have plans to move this wintry season, we at Busy B’s Moving want to provide some helpful tips to ensure the move goes smooth for both of us:


Monitor the Weather

Make sure to check it every week leading up to the move, and then every day the week of the move. Feel free to call us if you are concerned the weather will hinder the move in any way. It’s better to be safe than sorry even if that means delaying the move to avoid getting caught in a blizzard.


Keep the Floors Covered

Keep the carpet and hardwood protected while maintaining a clean household when people are coming in and out. Go out and buy a few tarps and floor mats for each outside door.


Turn the heat down

Your furnace will be trying to heat the outside while your door is open all day. You will save money on that electric bill and wear and tear on your furnace by simply turning it down.  After the move and the doors have closed you can turn it back up to heat up the house and your newly moved items.


Heat your bathroom

If the heat is turned down in the house, you may want to run a space heater in the bathroom where you can warm up when nature calls.


Board your pets.

Your puppy will need to stay somewhere warm if you end up turning your heat off for the day as we suggested. Check local boarders and kennels for heated runs, heated floors, and 1-2 day discounted rates. Make sure the fur babies are taken care of before the day of the move.


Keep the sidewalks, driveway and street clear

A heavy couch plus an icy sidewalk results in a dangerous outcome that can be avoided. Be sure to salt, shovel, or snow blow any major walkways you think we will be using so we can walk safely with your belongings.

Image: a persone walking through snowy path in boots

Check the utilities at the new house

Nothing is worse than having no heat and no light in the dead of winter. Make sure that the utilities at your new home are turned on and actually work before the move. We recommend getting everything turned on about two days before your move just to be safe.


Check the snowplow schedule.

You’ve carefully planned every detail of your move, we are planned to arrive bright and early, and last night’s plow guy left a nice bank of mushy, dirty snow between the moving truck and your house. Make sure you have parking available that’s not on the plow route or leave yourself enough time to forge a path to the house.


Keep Blankets and Towels Readily Available

Wool blanket and pad for moving

Halfway through moving your furniture out to the truck, the skies open up and the snow is just pelting down. We suggest having sheets and/ or blankets so we can make sure your belongings are protected through the weather conditions.


Extra Set of Gloves

Gloves are vital in winter conditions, but if you’re a mover, your gloves may get soaked through quickly against the cold. Grab a couple of extra pairs of warm gloves and offer them as an extra layer or replacement when the snow picks up.

PNG image of working gloves.

Carefully Double pack breakables

Many things that are delicate or extra fragile become more brittle in cold weather. By double packing any fragile items, not only helps us but is less likely to break due to frigid temperatures. Remember, any items that can be damaged by cold should not be packed in the truck. The truck may sit out overnight, which could cause more damage that could be avoided.


Take Care of Electronic Devices

Electronic devices really do not like cold weather. Pack all electronics into one or two boxes, and make sure those travel in your car, where the heat will be on and they can maintain a steady temperature.


Make sure to always have the winter essentials

It’s tempting to make room in your car for a pillow and sleeping bag, but make sure your extra clothing layers, coats, snow boots, hats, gloves, scarves, and a handful of cozy quilts also make it into the car.


Confirm details with us

If you live in Wisconsin, you know the weather during the winter months is unpredictable so make sure to check in with us a week before the move and a day or two before the move.

Pictured: two children playing in the snow