Important Things to Do on Moving Day

Smiling Couple Carrying Boxes Into New Home On Moving Day

Moving day is exciting – it’s the day you’ve been planning like a military operation for ages, and now that it’s nearly upon you, you’re beginning to dread it….

Okay, the idea of having a new place to make into a beautiful home is exciting, the thought of a new area to explore the cafes, restaurants, and bars is also great, but the actual thought of boxing up your life is a correct mental slog for most of us.

If all of your belongings could magically appear in your new home without any stress or sweat on your part, you’d probably move house in a heartbeat.

Because we all know how stressful moving a house, flat, or apartment can be regardless of where you are locating from and to. Here in Madison, Wisconsin, it’s no different, except that with our second-to-none Busy B’s local movers, you’ll soon wonder what all the fuss was about!

But actually, the moving process can be less of a chore if you break down the tasks before D-day with scheduling, packing, and cleaning, as well as ensuring you have the best moving company in Madison, WI on board…

And to make it even easier, their website is easy to navigate and gives you all the moving services you could possibly need!

Before You Make Your Move

The moving day always seems really hectic – there are always those last few essential items that didn’t get packed and those last few phone calls that need to be made. It’s scary how much stuff you actually have, and we thoroughly recommend packing a suitcase each with everything you’ll need for a couple of days and nights.

Hopefully, you’ll have booked our Busy B’s professional full packing services, which will reduce breakages and ensure that your boxes can actually be lifted, but mostly worth it for your sanity as well as your relationships!

It’s also a good idea to board pets for the duration of the move and perhaps send your children to relatives or a neighbour. This means everyone can concentrate on the move without worrying about injuries or lost children.

D-Day Itself

The first thing we really recommend on the day of your move is – get up early!

In the morning, we suggest using an empty box which you’ve labelled something like ‘last day’ – this can be for all those last-minute things you need to pack – those practical bits like cleaning products, bed linen, towels, loo roll and the absolute utter essentials such as champagne flutes and a bottle of bubbly.

Make sure you also have some trash bags on hand. It’s incredible how much rubbish you’ll find as soon as the Busy B’s team start removing your furniture.

Hopefully, by this essential date, you’ll have confirmed the details with us as your Madison moving company of choice, including the moving-day arrival time, significant cell phone numbers, and any last-minute details.

Fingers crossed, you’ve also hired a cleaning company to do a quick clean after our movers leave or that you’ve scheduled a day that you will come back to clean before the new owners arrive.

Just to make sure the truck has the best access to your place, make sure you reserve a parking space to make things a little easier.

Also, remember a cleared and safe passage to your home is ready, too- this will make sure all your things can be moved in the safest way possible. When your movers arrive, give them a little house tour to familiarise them with your things and the order you want them to put into the truck.

Anything you don’t want moved, you should tell them then, or you may be surprised when your favourite hairbrush is missing just when you need it most!

You can also check out our FAQ moving page!

So, Now You’re There…

Couple Celebrating Moving Into New Home Drinking ChampagneAny moving day can be full of fun little surprises- remember, that’s normal and what Busy Bs is used to, so just relax. Busy B’s moving experience is top-notch, so your things will start moving efficiently and quickly- but you’ll need to help too.

Try and keep the kids busy- out of the traffic is probably best! The same goes for your pets, who’ll be just as confused and excited as you with all the people and strange happenings of the moving day. Busy B’s workers will start right away, so when they pull up- action stations are a-go!

Give them the tour of the house, and it may be easier for them if you’d labelled rooms to go along with the boxes of things, so there’s no confusion about where to put things. Our Busy B’s movers may be a local moving company with an excellent reputation, but they’re not psychic – just make sure you’re organised to make it all go as smoothly as possible for them and you.

The team will help with anything you need; you just need to ask. Don’t worry about sounding bossy – you’re the operations director on this day – just make sure your boxes go in the right rooms…

After all the movers have left you in peace- rule number one is not to panic or feel overwhelmed. Find your kettle and make yourself and your kids your favourite drinks and take five minutes just to recuperate and have a look around – perhaps take the dog with you, get them familiar with their new environment but make sure the front door is closed first!

Now, the Hard Work Begins

Start with putting the essentials where you need them, like the toothbrushes or the dog bed. A top tip would be to put a bin bag in every room just in case there’s any mess you might need to deal with after boxes are torn open etc.

Remember, there’s no rush to make your house perfect straight away. That can take some time. Putting furniture and things where you want them can be fun and something for all the family to decide on together, so make the most of your creative spark!

What happens next is up to you…

It’s an exciting time to meet neighbours, paint rooms with the music much too loud, have a greasy takeaway dinner and put on your favourite film- whatever you do, just remember how you got there with the help of Busy B’s Madison movers, and now get excited for all the memories you’re going to make!

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